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DVD Parallels of Declination

TRACK 01 Parallels of Declination

TRACK 02 Stellarium Flight

TRACK 03 Libra Moon ft. Tom Lue

TRACK 04 Quincunx

TRACK 05 Argarmeols [lost beneath the waves]

TRACK 06 The 2nd Parodox

TRACK 07 Retrograde Motion

TRACK 08 Enjoy This Ft. Tom Lue

TRACK 09 Sweet Margarete Re-awakening mix

TRACK 10 Aries (1st House Mix)

TRACK 11 Taurus (Bull Mix)

TRACK 12 Gemini

TRACK 13 Colours

TRACK 14 Charon

TRACK 15 Elemental Rhapsody

TRACK 16 Gemini [Twin Mix]

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